Go Fuck Yourself

For a better explanation, go to or see fuck.
GFY Ms. Gracy!
by Bentley Smith May 19, 2004
Go Fuck Yourself
Sethskyleri like men
by GESUSKRIST January 04, 2010
Short for "Go fuck yourself"
Why don't you Gfy
by propperbo April 20, 2011
go fuck yourself
gfy bitch
by linky23 May 10, 2009
Got fucked yesterday
How was your weekend...good, GFY
by CKI July 15, 2012
Go fuck yourself, plain and simple!
Randy-(at the casino) Heyyy Dude... I just won $1million

Dude- GFY Randy!
by damnitmegan January 07, 2011
1. Acronym for "Go Fuck Yourself."

2. Acronym for the blog Go Fug Yourself, used by the writers of the blog.
1. You don't like me? GFY!
2. I wonder what's going on at GFY headquarters today?
by hollylite June 25, 2010

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