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Go Fuck Yourself!
When I asked him for his daughter, he told me to GFY!
by Kaiser November 08, 2002
A lively fellow who is really quite unique. He's small and smart and yellow with a rodent-like physique. He doesn't play the cello and he never deigns to speak. He's The Strong Bad's Leporello and they just call him The Sneak.
If you've got a caper then you know who to call. It's The Sneak! It's The Sneak!
Who's that dapper swindler out of Tammany Hall? Do do lo dee oh do. It's The Sneak!
by Kaiser February 16, 2004
FouyA is something quite peculiar that a couple of weird guys in Latin class make up. No, they are not weird. I contradict myself for fear of a FouyA beating.
There is no FouyA in a vacuum. I think vacuum has two "u"'s but only one "c". But I could be wrong.

Hey, Will, since when have you been referred to as Vlad? :):):)
by Kaiser October 04, 2003
"A Google Of Poo." Very Very Shitty.
"How you feeling?"
"googlapoo, man."
by Kaiser December 01, 2004
The home of rough women and wiggas.
Look at the state of that old stink piece, she must be a Gloucester scummer.
by Kaiser February 17, 2004
Hilly venue to the South of Cheltenham, offering services to people's mums and big units.
Get yourself up the Himalayas
by Kaiser February 12, 2004
To give somebody numbers means you punch them.
Joe: My gf was giving me a hard time, so i gave her numbers.
by Kaiser March 12, 2005
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