A completely meaningless phrase used at the conclusion of a verbal fight between two romantic partners.
Joe:I just don't think we should be together anymore
Jill: Ugh, Get over yourself
by mnEBC November 23, 2012
Top Definition
Patronising phrase used to tell someone that you believe they hold too high an opinion of themselves, or are behaving in a conceited or pompous manner.
You wouldn't be seen dead in shorts? Please! Get over yourself!
by John Bobson May 07, 2007
what is said to someone who takes themselves a bit too seriously and is one snotty way to tell someone "chill out already".
sheesh, bob, GET OVER YOURSELF, yer not the great and that's why she left you for your neighbors' dog.
by deheh August 20, 2003
1. Don't take yourself or your problems too seriously.

2.It means stop being so self-centered and conceited.
Get over yourself! Other people are dieing of hunger. Not having the latest cell phone isn't the end of the world.
by Sheh May 05, 2015
a phrase little pussies use when they can't win an argument with a real counterpoint.

"just, get over yourself"

"wow, that's the best you could do...."
by samf4r2t 3 December 09, 2007
nice way of saying youre a bitch, shut up!
You dont nkow shit so GET OVER YOURSELF
by yourboobsSAGnigga December 07, 2002
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