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Something better than food, its almost a way of life. Tortilla with meat, cheese, and veggies. Cant go wrong there. Dirt cheap too!
Mexican food is the greatest thing in existence.
by sweet_tea_sipper July 25, 2010
Somebody BORN in texas. Im sorry but you have to be born here to call yourself a texan.
Me: Im a Texan.
Guy: So am I.
Me: What part you from?
Guy: Ohio.
Me: Your not a Texan.
by Sweet_Tea_Sipper July 28, 2009
Subject that does have real world applications. Important subject to grasp, however most teachers are boring as fuck about teaching it, making most kids resent the subject with a passion. Simply put, if the teacher sucks, you are going to think math sucks.
Math....Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus
by Sweet_Tea_Sipper June 05, 2011
A class thats useful IF you plan on going into architecture, construction, or Civil Engineering. Apart from that, its not really applicable. Just let me move right on to Algebra 2 instead of wasting my sophomore year Texas Education Agency!
Ted: Wow Mr. Wells is such a great teacher! I love Geometry!
Me: Well thats great for you, now let me sleep during his lecture.
by Sweet_Tea_Sipper June 05, 2011
Basically what i live off of. Actually not too bad if you get the right brands. Also a good song.
TV dinners. Providing Americans with yet another way to stuff themselves in front of the TV since the 1950's
by Sweet_Tea_Sipper June 06, 2010
A junior college mostly in and around North Houston. People go here for one of a few reasons
1. They want to go straight into the workforce so they are going for a Tech Prep Degree such as Veterinary Technician, Computer information Technology etc.
2. They want to get a bachelors degree but cant afford 4 years in a University so they are getting basic courses out of the way so they can transfer.
3. They got shitty grades and couldnt get in anywhere else.
4. They dont really care about school but they want to say that they at least went to college.
I am attending Lone Star College
by Sweet_Tea_Sipper July 24, 2011
The middleman between Taco Bell (even gringos like me know that shit isnt real mexican) and Real Mexican Food. Not quite the real thing, but still a damn good eating establishment.
Dude were baked, lets get some Taco Cabana

Fuck yes
by Sweet_Tea_Sipper February 26, 2011

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