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A large clam-like shellfish that is pretty much illegal to harvest unless you are granted special permissions from the government. The hard-working folks that harvest these fine creatures and called "Geoduckers". They live hard and fast lives in the geoducking culture. Every day they make around $5000.00 holding their breath and diving to the bottom of the sea to grab the geoducks. Geoduck poachers can make up to $2 million every 2.5 years.
I'm a geoducker and I make over $5000.00 per day...Hey guys, come back. Was it something I said?
by Ian C. September 10, 2005
Innuendo used for male genitalia. Commonly used by Evergreen grads in the Pacific Northwest.
Is it low tide? 'Cause your geoduck is squirting already.
by Speedy Geoduck February 03, 2012
Pre-Op Transexual. Name taken from a seawater clam with a very large, Ahem, tongue - native to the coasts of the Ring of fire, but mostly along Northwestern United States and Canada. Pokes fun at deleted scene from the movie "Sparticus," where the Caesar asks the slave boy in the bath "Is it wrong to like both snails and oysters?"
"Say goodbye to the Geoduck!"
"This Geoduck loves to suck and be sucked."
by Carlos C. Calderon November 30, 2004
A sexual act. Geoducking a girl is when you bang a girl in the ass. Just before you jizz, you pull out untill just the tip of your head is in. right after you jizz pull out and punch her right above her crack, making her ass tighten up and shoot the jizz out, just like a Geoduck.
"Dude, I geoducked that girl so hard last night, she hit the ceiling!"

"How pissed was your girlfriend after you geoducked her?"
by flipkick January 11, 2010
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