(noun) (plural = gentlemen) A primitive form of man, more evolved than Neanderthal or Cro-Magnon but too naive to survive in modern times.

Gentlemen were mostly wiped out by feminism in the 1980s and 1990s and replaced by modern man. The inherent weakness of gentlemen was their failure to recognise women as competition. They therefore wasted significant amounts of energy pandering to the female sex and were exploited at every opportunity by the latter.
She says “you’re such a gentleman”

She thinks “you doormat; I wonder how much free food, alcohol and entertainment I can get out of you”
by Reiki Master May 20, 2005
a man who wears fancy socks
Looks at his purple plaid socks... jonathan must be a gentleman
by wallstquant March 13, 2009
A man who desires repeated sex with a women, and acquires this sex by means of being 'polite' and 'courteous' with an underlying, well-hidden, strong violent sex drive.

He is more intelligent and realises the benefits of on-demand sex but without a significant commitment.

Underhanded and decieving, to be avoided.
Gentleman: Let me get that door for you madam

Unsuspecting women: Thankyou sir, you are a gentlemen

Gentlemen: Do come and sample my seasoned pork sword (penis) over a glass of wine
by THEDEFINEROFLIFE11663 April 15, 2011
a male who respects a female and gets into her pants by being a gentleman. when he achieves this, he treats the woman's vagina with respect and doesn't go hard
me: omg samuel was such a vagentleman last night, i wasn't going to have sex with him but he was just a gentleman and went so soft on me.
friend: aw that is soooo sweet
by Ti_fanny April 03, 2009
A synonym for a genderless sod.
"Henry was such a gentleman, he didn't notice that his best friend was now calling Henry's girlfriend for 'wife'".
by Zilchy June 08, 2009
The act of slapping someone across the face with a glove, as if to initiate a duel or fisticuffs.
"I challenge you, good sir, to a duel!" :::GLOVE SLAP!:::

(NOTE: The act of slapping with the glove is the actual gentleman, not the fellow who wields the glove.)
by The Gentleman July 09, 2006
Refers to a man that will screw a girl up the pooper in order to protect her virginity!!!
Lucy: "John, I want to be a virgin when I get married"
John: "Don't worry Lucy, I'm a gentleman"
by DoggyD November 13, 2006
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