One who always folds a lady's shirt after borrowing it.
Rob: Here's your shirt back Sarah. Thanks for letting me wear it. Here, I'll fold it for you.
Sarah: Oh, Rob, you are quite the gentleman.
by EmersonienEra September 05, 2006
A man that crawls on his hands and knees in the sand and leaves five tracks.
Tommy Lee is a gentleman.
by B.J. Clinton November 24, 2006
A man that does whatever a woman wants to gain affection and because he has no self esteem or backbone. A doormat. A pussywhipped loser with no game. A word for a guy that women can manipulate and use. A sugardaddy. The opposite of bad boy.
Mike considers himself a gentleman. He believes in the double standard that women are equal to men in every way except when it comes to paying bills, opening their own doors and being treated like spoiled princesses.

Cathy wants all of the rights and none of the responsibilities of being an adult. She wants to make as much as a man and spend none of it. She wants a gentleman, a "real man" to "treat her right", like a "lady".
by gruntalicious May 04, 2008
1. A man who lifts weights excessively, ferociously,
and with the intent of gaining mass and strength. 2. A man who
consumes protein daily. 3. A man who murders. 4. Richard Greico.
1. He is a gentleman.
2. He is very gentlemanly.
3. Gentle. Gentle.
4. Give him a gentle death.
by Mikey T February 28, 2005
homeboys that you get fucked up with
yo me and the gentlemen are gonna rip mad joints this weekend
by Patty Pat Pat McPat Pat June 03, 2006
A person who is eminently capable of playing bagpipes, but for obvious reasons of taste, sensibility and the ongoing good of all mankind deigns not to.
"I just found out that Jim can play bagpipes, but he never does - what an absolute gentleman!"
by digthetripe April 08, 2015

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