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a word that can be used in place of any word that you can ever think of, usually this would be a curse or bad word. Used to create funny sentences.
"You are a flipping gelf"
" I heard you gelfed that girl last night"
"OMG i just gelfed in my pants"
"My girlfriend dumped me, what a gelf"
#funny #random #greate #exictding #gui
by Matt Thoggy August 16, 2007
Genetically Engineered Life Form. Gelfs are all that remain of humanity after we render ourselves extinct in the far future, but we leave cultures of mix-matched animals on terraformed planets. Created by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor in the TV show and books of Red Dwarf.
Lister: We've got to shake it. What's over there?
Kryten: Gelf Space.
Lister: It'll never follow us in there.
Rimmer: No because Glefs are untrustworthy dangerous savages, it would be insane.
#red dwarf #g.e.l.f #g.e.l.f. #kinatawowi #gelf space
by Wingy December 12, 2005
a mythical elven creature which follows you around and is essentially a part of you
sometimes I just want to kill my gelf

I love to play with my gelf
#masturbation #self-hate #beef curtains #dance #rape
by Kouji March 01, 2008
Guy Everybody Likes Friend. Commonly used by drunken party-goers on the London Underground.
Due to his friendly nature, that one definitely looks like a gelf.
#bro #londonderry #drunk #broski #bromance
by Gordan Brown October 28, 2009
G.E.L.F. =

G irls
E veryone
L ikes to
F uck
There will be alot of hot G.E.L.F.s at the party tonight!
#g.e.l.f. #hot #sex #sexy #gelf #girls #fuck
by WordofMouth September 07, 2008
an efeminate short guy
Nathan Lane is a gelf
by Johnny A April 21, 2003
a girlfriend (see the example below).
Oh my gawd. His gelf is a crack whore.
#girlfriend #gf #g3lf #g31f #ge1f
by Johnni December 14, 2006
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