Geordie slang for 'great'
"Look at that geet big fat mackem!", or "Geet canny good as owt like how!"
by scienceman February 19, 2004
Top Definition
A word mainly used to describe something or someone in a negative manner. Can also be used as another word for being stoned.
You're a geet kid
I don't know why I was talking to that girl, she's so geet
It's so geet that I fell in that pond last night
I'm feeling so geet after that last joint
I always feel geet after eating one of those kebabs
by Glombar June 10, 2015
a word that people up north use to describe something. It doesnt necesserily have a meaning and can not be translated to something else.
1. shes geet fat
2. Hes geet canny
3. i have a geet list of things to do
4. Hes a geet freak
by princess h August 18, 2005
To grenade someone on an online FPS game.
Originates from the phrase "Grenado geets!"
"Mate you just got geets"
"He's in there man, geets him!"
by Gordon Green March 04, 2012
A term used to describe the awesomness of anything.
"Aww geet geet!"

"Let's go get our geet on!"

"This geet is the best!"

"I smell some geet!"

"Please pass the geet!"

"Throw me some geet. I need to wax my chest hair."

" wanna go to the geet store?"

"Miniscule is the leader of the geet squad, along with A-Tram and Juribe."

"Man...the St. Louis Rams suck geet!"
by Miniscule September 08, 2008
A short form for guitar.
-Let's jam..I'll play geets

-Play some geets dude!
by NorthernLights2 July 10, 2008
Sticky-icky. To smoke until incapacitated, or until you are appropriately high, unto which you are ready for "Geet Treats" (see "geet treats").
Yo man pass me the geet. I am geeted out. Is it geet time?
by Blind Moth September 08, 2008
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