Huge Testicles. Usually said in a derogatory manner. Especially when telling someone to do something, usually sucking.
Colton "Dude, why did it take you so long to get here?"

Kory "Dude, Suck my geets!"
by Ccb0889 April 25, 2011
Geet is obviously and will always be cocaine.
Lets snort some geet and go to Brew river.

Man this geet is so geeted my nose is bleeding

When in doubt, geet

You can geet if u want to, you can leave ur friends behind... cause if ur friends dont geet and if they dont geet you can leave ur friends behind

theres a sack of geet where my heart used to be

she....snorts a girl....changes clothes
by daniel geet master December 13, 2009
To act awkward, or seem socially uncomfortable
Look at him, he geeted all over her
by Titty09 October 07, 2009
Geek greeting
She geets, g'day, howzit, how d’ya ghetto look younger, act smarter, be wiser, have a better figure, be richer, a fish, not to wait for bait, a big catch, a pretty butterfly, to go back to a perfect ten other than on the net?
by Hercolena Oliver February 05, 2009
(Noun) - Faggot. Short for Fageet. Homo. Shitbreath. Pickle twister.
I saw Richard Simmons on the David Letterman show last night. Jesus, that dude is a geet.
by Ed VH June 08, 2006
crack or to smoke smoke crack
look at those crackheads over there 'geetin up'
by J.R. September 06, 2004
The female repoductive organs.
There ain't no geet too sweet.
by tylerderden May 09, 2003

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