Huge Testicles. Usually said in a derogatory manner. Especially when telling someone to do something, usually sucking.
Colton "Dude, why did it take you so long to get here?"

Kory "Dude, Suck my geets!"
by Ccb0889 April 25, 2011
Geek greeting
She geets, g'day, howzit, how d’ya ghetto look younger, act smarter, be wiser, have a better figure, be richer, a fish, not to wait for bait, a big catch, a pretty butterfly, to go back to a perfect ten other than on the net?
by Hercolena Oliver February 05, 2009
A term used to describe the awesomness of anything.
"Aww geet geet!"

"Let's go get our geet on!"

"This geet is the best!"

"I smell some geet!"

"Please pass the geet!"

"Throw me some geet. I need to wax my chest hair."

" wanna go to the geet store?"

"Miniscule is the leader of the geet squad, along with A-Tram and Juribe."

"Man...the St. Louis Rams suck geet!"
by Miniscule September 08, 2008
A short form for guitar.
-Let's jam..I'll play geets

-Play some geets dude!
by NorthernLights2 July 10, 2008
Geet is obviously and will always be cocaine.
Lets snort some geet and go to Brew river.

Man this geet is so geeted my nose is bleeding

When in doubt, geet

You can geet if u want to, you can leave ur friends behind... cause if ur friends dont geet and if they dont geet you can leave ur friends behind

theres a sack of geet where my heart used to be

she....snorts a girl....changes clothes
by daniel geet master December 13, 2009
Sticky-icky. To smoke until incapacitated, or until you are appropriately high, unto which you are ready for "Geet Treats" (see "geet treats").
Yo man pass me the geet. I am geeted out. Is it geet time?
by Blind Moth September 08, 2008
A dollar bill. Despite a parcel of corruptions, a geet is a buck, pure and simple.
Ehh,I left my wallet at Scultzie's. Can you float me a geet for a Clark Bar?
by Oscar Spoden November 04, 2003

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