slang used amongst a group of friends referring to the word "good".
"That chick is hella geet"
"The food we grubbed on was perty geet"
by eMCee the FILIPINO MAC September 10, 2007
Noun: The part of the stomach that bulges over the belt. Often found on sorority chicks (or frat boys) that drink too much.

Note: One doesn't have to be overweight to possess a geet, but all overweight people have geets.
Jennifer would be pretty hot if it wasn't for that geet of hers.
by Senor Mouse February 03, 2007
Another word for Git.
u r such a geet, man!!
by Legolas January 21, 2003
when a girl skeets, she skeets girl skeet
dude, that girl's geet when mad on my sandwich
by billy reams May 12, 2007
Another word for Gate.
The geet in the farm has broken down...
by Legolas January 21, 2003
dai min pincher
chun john lok chun dai minity
by chunonono January 20, 2003

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