Being or becoming a geek; Being "pwned" by someone 'geek' in nature.
I had no social life, and no friends, so i looked towards becoming a geek. That's when I was geek'ed.

Damn, I thought I was so good at Halo, but I just got geek'ed!
by Ian Suri July 01, 2005
Top Definition
Mind totally blown from excessive use of an upper (cocaine,crystal)
Man I got geeked last night.
by SouthernBoi August 13, 2003
being stimulated or engergized; to stir up the emotions of; get fired up.
Dude, I am so geeked about US Youth Soccer's National Championships.
by red October 28, 2003
Coked out. Occurs after snorting a lot of cocaine.
I am so geeked. Pure as the driven snow.
by Amanda February 20, 2005
very hyper or excited about something or someone.
Raheem was all geeked up when he found out we were going to the Super Bowl.
by robyn February 04, 2004
To be incredibly excited, eager, and/or anxious.
Dude, I was so geeked about the MSI concert, I almost creamed all over myself.
by starfuxxer January 07, 2004
To be weirded out by excessive use of an upper of some sort
I was geeked from doing too much cocaine
by Anonymous December 09, 2002
the state of being extremely high on cocaine
man, me and Justin got geek'ed off a 8 ball of this shit last night-that why were still awake
by BRiaNFreakin #2 April 11, 2006
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