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Many people think that a geek is someone who is mainly interested in computers or comics and lacks adequate social skills.

This is wrong.

A geek was originally a member of a circus who at one time or another had homosexual experiences with someone else. Obviously this word and many others have changed.

As previously said, a geek seems to mean someone who invests a large amount of time into either technical subjects or things related to comics, video games and/or science fiction and fantasy subjects. There are many more parts of being a geek though.

A geek is someone who places a large amount of time into anything - as long as it can be said that somebody places an extraordinary amount of time into a certain subject they are geeks. Ergo, someone who is heavily invested into music, movies, or porn is a geek. This definition doesn't especially attack any group. Nay, it puts everybody on the same level as everybody is a geek. History buffs are geeks, as well as Beliebers. One doesn't have to look at themselves in shame when they consider themselves geeks, but as people with a passion that they are proud of and aren't ashamed to admit.
"That person is such a geek; they are interested in (insert subject)" so much."
by Eradicaar December 18, 2011

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