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To help u understand "Geek" the hierarchy of geek goes as follows:

GEEK~ has the interest and intelligence to do what he wants, but no particular style- geeks can be anyone. You will someday work for them. Often has bad grades.

NERD~ Has both the interest and intelligence, but is bogged down by his nerdy, outsider style. They will work for your company, and do all the work, but never show up for meetings or get a raise. Strait-A

DORK~ Just the crappy pants up to high, taped glasses, wanna-be style without the intelligence or even interest in things like real video games, manga, or computers. NOTE- often possess "wanna-be" interest in theses subjects.
Remember that guy who tried to tell u about the latestest physics engines for ragdoll style games? You punched him in the face? Nerd.

The geek was the sniper who kicked ur ass at call of duty the other day, probably while writing an zine and burning an effigy of bill gates.
by ~Fife~ May 25, 2010

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