Tint-less, prescription-less eye-glasses worn as a popular fashion trend.
Person 1: "Omg, did you see how hot Justin Timberlake looked in those geeks?"

Person 2: "Yea,he looked so stylishly geeky"
by Yin February 25, 2012
An outgoing, funny and borderline unpredictable man with a unique swag that cannot be pulled off by many. Man who has the proper balance of composure and energy. Known to wear skinny jeans and snap-backs, but the style is evolving.
Check out the geek, hes the center of attention now.

Im fresh from my head to my toes, ladies love me, and im a party animal; im a geek.
by jroome July 02, 2011
A tech-savy person that gets a hard-on when computer-related objects are involved in a said context.
Bob:Dude that guy is a nerd!
Drake: No dude, he's a geek
by Nattybumpo December 24, 2010
Aaron: I mean i like nerdy shit, i get fucking excited as about shit with lots of LED’s on it, and i get really enthused about investigation and engineering.
Aaron says:
So i must be a Geek.
Reena says:
That you are
by la panella April 16, 2009
a GeeK is a title in Highschool and Middle school that is just under the jocks" and above the cutters, nerd, math geeks, outcasts, and ect. GeeK's are good friends that are almost excepted by everyone except a few "classes" the GeeK's are almost top of the food chain. it os a good thing to be a GeeK.
jock: man those kids are such nerds.
GeeK: nah we're GeeKs better than nerds.
by wretch345 September 15, 2009
A computer enthusiast. Usually having an above average intelligence and sex drive (have you ever seen a Geeks porn collection?) Here is an appropriate acronym:


Ladies you're missing out.
Geeks are damn sexy!
by Coldeagle May 16, 2008
Geeks and nerds are smart people who like to play RPGs all day long. Geeks are polytheistic. Their gods include Stan Lee, George Lucas, and the guys who created Lord of the Rings and Star Trek and other people who have created shit about space and superheros.
1. Hey, that geek sure does love to play World of Warcraft.

2. Geeks would suck Obi-wan's balls if they had the chance.
by Wasabimoto March 26, 2007

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