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A bald little Indian dude who just so happened to be one of the most evolved souls the world has ever known.

He was famous for his practice of non-violence by which he won India's independence from the British Empire without a shot. (You tell me of any other revolution that has been so successful.) Non-violence ("ahimsa") is basically the doctrine of not being a dickweed. This applies not only to humans but to animals and plants--literally "all living things". Gandhi was a fruitarian, although later in life he ashamedly reverted to drinking goats' milk due to an attack of dysentery. (Go figure, they hadn't yet invented soymilk 100 years ago.)

Was killed because his progressive ideas didn't sit well with a certain moronic faction. And I must correct the poster who said he was killed by a Muslim. He was killed by a Hindu. Yes, even though Gandhi himself was a Hindu, he was killed by his own kin because they feared Gandhi's posture of universal tolerance toward Muslims. Just goes to show you that moronism supercedes religious affiliation. Morons are universal.

Other notable acheivement:
Popularized those cool "John Lennon glasses" long before John Lennon was even born.

Contemporary uses of the term "Gandhi":
Any time you can quote Gandhi, you win. Hands down.
MOM: What were you doing out all night? Getting high, I suppose? You & your hoodlum friends are nothing but trouble!
KID: Well, you know what Gandhi said, "The greatness of any nation can be judged by how well it treats its animals."
MOM: wtf?
KID: You wouldn't understand.
by Brendie December 12, 2006
1)Brilliant leader of non-violent Indian insurgency against British colonial rule during the first half of 20th century in. Philosophy of civil disobedience not only won independence for India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, but influenced Civil Rights movement in US through slain leader Martin Luther King Jr.
2)To shit one's pants or man-diaper with no visible sign of discomfort.
1)Gandhi inspired many millions of people to risk their lives to rid themselves of the shackles of the British Empire. He would often sit at his loom in a diaper. This was awe inspiring.
2)Uncle Joe would watch the Sunday games in his old Barcalounger with the food tray in front of him. Nary a facial muscle would twitch when he gandhied during the half-time show. The stench was unbelievable.
by Pantaloon January 22, 2008
Mohandas Karamchamd Gandhi. Indian Lawyer, Politician,Pacifist that Give India Freedom without killing anyone (for war-lover ¨poltician¨, please see george bush ).
He is also famous for his active practice of non-violent protests, that included fasting. Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela Were both inspired by him.
Gandhi also fought against castes-in india the lowest cast wasn´t able to drink water from a fountain, neither eat fresh food, not even TOUCHING an aryan(indian´s ¨superior¨ caste)`s shadow.
He was shot by a indian-muslim separatism fanatical.His last words were ¨he Ram¨(dear god.
Sadly, a weapon-killing-war loving people who adore guns,(and happen to be associated) started a gandhi-is-nazi campaign, as it was seen on the show of two im-larger-than-life pseudointellectual magician wannabes

Of course this is total bullshit, but well...haters will exist as long as ingnorance exist.
Einstein(quote): in the future nobody will believe such a saint man ever lived.

Gandhi(quote): I do not believe god is truth, the TRUTH is God
by Leonardino November 08, 2006
Verb: To go all gandhi on someone is to be very uncooprative when asked to do something
damn fool why you be going all gandhi on me
by Gandhiman November 12, 2010
Probably the coolest person to ever live. Homeboy believed in peace, justice, equal rights, and religion. He got shit done. People would hit him up asking him to get shit done for them. And he would take a beating if necessary. He got his ass kicked for the cause. And he kicked-ass for the cause as well.
Ignorant Loser: Who was Gandhi?

Smart Winner: One badass mother fucker.

Ignorant Loser: How so?

Smart Winner: Don't you have to go be a douche somewhere else?

Ignorant Loser: Don't be an asshole Tim.

Smart yet emotionally confused Winner: I'm sorry. I feel like lately i've been pushing away the people I love.

Ignorant yet sensitive and deep Loser: Tim, what would Gandhi do?

Smart yet morally resolved Winner: Thanks Burt. I will think on that one.
by frisbee1 September 18, 2012
A word used to replace the word "cool"

it actually sounds better

in fact, try it out right now :D does sound better
That's Hella "GANDHI"

I'm too "GANDHI" for that

I'm so "GANDHI" i can't help myself

That song is hella "GANDHI"
by Matt [Pistio] May 06, 2008
Named after Mahatma Gandhi, this word describes the feeling of hunger.
Claude: Hey Monty, fancy getting a bite to eat?
Monty: I am feeling a bit gandhi. That sounds like an excellent idea.
*Skip together off into the distance*
by thenotsodarkknight September 19, 2013
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