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For starters geeks are not wannabe nerds, and anybody who say they are, are fucktards.
They are very intelligent in one or more areas. Not necessarily computers. You could be a chess geek and have never used a computer.
Geeks are usually quite weak physically but make up for it in their superior mental capability.
Do not try and insult a geek, as one they do not care. and two they will always have either a good comeback or someway to totally annihilate your insult with some form of explanation. They do have a social life (most of them anyway) they can be awesome at gaming and still have a girlfriend. Just like if a chav considers himself to have a social life but he is still good at bmxing (innit).
Chav: Yo nob u iz wal a geek wid dem glases.

Geek: Yes as everybody that wears glasses is a geek. Gandhi was a geek was he? Get some brains.

Chav: yo oo is gandhi mayte?

Geek: Point proven. Goodbye. Cunt.
by E.G.A June 17, 2008

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