Slang for penis
The assistant principal likes to show all the students his gecko. He get's them out of his office in 15 mins or less.
by rentj May 26, 2014
A Person Who Is Extremely Good At Scaling Urban Buildings, Or Natural Rock Formations. These People Are Usually Experienced Rock Climbers, Or Involved In Parkour. These People Are Categorized By Their Large Amounts Of Energy.

Can Also Be Used To Describe A Group Of These People, Called Geckos Or Gecko When Describing An Individual Person

Guy 1:Wow, Dude Gecko Here Just Jumped Over My SUV, Damm

Guy 2: Dude Now Hes Running Up The Fire Escape, Look At Him Go!.

Geckos: Dude I Was Hanging With These Guy Who Were Doing Parkour, A Bunch Of Fucking Geckos, Dammmm

EX:A Rock Climbing Expedition
by Psyris February 10, 2010
From the Verb 'to gecko' meaning to escape/ bail out of a tough situation.
dayumm that drunk is going off on one, time to gecko...
by Un- pseudonymonious March 06, 2010
The state of being entirely fucked up from the "get go".
Shit, this projeck is all gecko.
by therealdog September 11, 2007
the small angry lizard underneath my computer chair.
That gecko bastard wants to kill me!
by Noc May 30, 2004

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