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"Garden of Eden Creation Kit" from Fallout 2.
Get the geck, or get the geck out of here!
by Quakeulf January 19, 2004
Scottish slang for glasses or sunglasses
check out that glakit cunts gecks, they look fuckin stupid!
by Kieran J April 28, 2007
a verb, meaning to enter into a bug tracking system. Synonyms with jirafy (from JIRA) and mantify or mantit (from Mantis)
"Dude, you totally snarfed that code"
"Yeah, just geck it and I'll fix it later"
by Captain Snarf January 04, 2008
Stupid, lame, boring, or gay; a word used to describe something you dread doing.
Alana: "Ugh, we have to go to French class, that class is so geck."
Esther: "I know! Ugh."
by ladymelon June 12, 2010
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