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It is the location where Adam and Eve lived after god created them. It is from the Book of Genesis.
The Garden of Eden is a nice peaceful place.
#god #creation #adam and eve #genesis #book of genesis
by dermeister July 30, 2009
If expecting a hairy surface or object, and you are instead met with a clean, well cut area. This area can be described as the garden of eden due to its unexpected well kept nature.
A girls vaginal region, Garden of eden
#amazon #rainforest #hairy #shaven #persistance
by redwingsisinlove April 20, 2011
The act of striping naked and soaking yourself in olive oil.
to maintain the best pleasure, you stick your dickhole in a Venus flytrap as your getting your boyfriend to rest his testicles on your eye sockets.
(eyes must stay open)
a rare, but pleasurable and fantastic sex position.
Winston: yewww hooo, Sebastian!
Sebastian: jesus christ Winston you startled me.
Winston: Hey, you wanna go to the garden in my backyard?
Sebastian: umm for what silly?
Winston: umm so we can perform the "Garden Of Eden" you thilly fucker
Sebastian: oohh my favorite, lets go<3
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by joey smokesz April 28, 2009
A mixture of 3 different methylenediolixed Phenethylamines, MDMA (Adam), MDEA(Eve), and MBDB (Eden). It's also nicknamed a "Heaven on Earth" roll. Said by Shulgin as the best mixture, at least from methoxy Phenethylamines stand point.
I was did one hell of a mixture and rolled a bit too hard on that Garden of Eden Roll you gave me.
#adam #eve #eden #mdma #mdea #mbdb
by Reo the Eagle December 30, 2005
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