See also rivethead for a more precise definition. In a nutshell, one who listens to industrial mEwzIk (a.k.a. music) and has a look very rarely seen. The most common triats of the gearhead/rivethead include WWII fighter pilor googles/welding goggles, army helmets, anything remotely militarian or camoflauge, large, black, steel-toed boots (used for stomping the enemy or rivetheads, the raver), most anything UV, sometimes utilizing computer parts as accessories, with most anything original and futuristic. The look is, in most common high school cliques, quite new and original.
Stereotyped Hot Topic "Goth": Check out that gearhead. I bet he listens to Nine Inch Nails.
Overhearing Gear/Rivethead: Shut your tube filth pig! Nine Inch Nails is shit! I listen to Apoptygma Berzerk, KMFDM, VNV Nation, ohGr, The Gemini Ritual, :Wumpscut:, Skinny Pu... Why the fuck am I telling you this?! *proceeds to stomp poser goth to death*
by äRK åNJêL December 21, 2004
Top Definition
Someone who is totally into cars and is very knowledgeable about how to modify and fix them.
Eric is such a gearhead he has a seatbelt buckle for a belt buckle.
by ghost July 31, 2003
Person who in a MMO group will check teammates gear and then express his disgust for those who dont have equipped the best of the best regardless of current challenge level.
Person one:"OMG! Why u using that gear?! Get sumthin better! Heirlooms!"

Person two:"Chill Gearhead! Its normal Deadmines!"
by Marstein81 April 08, 2011
A person who is into all things motorized. This can be cars, motorcycles, machines, planes, or boats, but specifically relating to the engine and power delivery. Knowing how to weld and machine metal are also traits of a gearhead.
Dude, she's such a gearhead. Go show her that old lathe and tools in your grandfather's garage and she'll be in heaven.
by Analogworm January 07, 2008
(n.) A person who is extremely interested in the mechanics of vehicles, particularly motorcycles and improving acceleration.
Tom G is such a gear head; all he ever talks about is his fucking bike.
by Gumba Gumba May 23, 2004
To have a tendency to want or to be interested in mechanical things; to understand, and be able to work on things of a mechanical nature, or things with gears.
That boy over at AutoZone is a total gearhead, he loves to work on his car.
by PANDA <3 October 16, 2014
A musician (most common in guitarists and drummers) who spends more time reading about and buying gear than they actually spend playing music. Gear heads think that by spitting out a flood of brand names and model numbers to their friends that they will sound more intelligent than they actually are. Also, they hope their new equipment will compensate for their lack of practice. Truthfully it shows they spend too much time on the toilet reading "Musicians Friend".
guy: I would let him in this band but gear heads are annoying
by TASHonCDBaby June 01, 2010
A klutz, embarrassment; dick. Also an asshole
Come on guys don't be a Gearhead.

He was walking over with the food, he slipped and fell down along with the food. Stupid Gearhead.

Walks over to try to talk to a group of girls, the girls blow the rape whistle and guy gets arrested. Bystander says to friend, "wow did you see that Gearhead, what a dick!"

Dad asks to take out the dog, and doesn't because he's too lazy. Don't be a gearhead
by rick491 November 10, 2013

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