A klutz, embarrassment; dick. Also an asshole
Come on guys don't be a Gearhead.

He was walking over with the food, he slipped and fell down along with the food. Stupid Gearhead.

Walks over to try to talk to a group of girls, the girls blow the rape whistle and guy gets arrested. Bystander says to friend, "wow did you see that Gearhead, what a dick!"

Dad asks to take out the dog, and doesn't because he's too lazy. Don't be a gearhead
by rick491 November 10, 2013
some one who is always smoking weed, or high grade gear.
sam : your such a gear head

brad : do you want a toke on this zoot?

sam : no

brad : wasteman
by brad1234565 January 27, 2009
Someone who smokes/shoots heroin.
TOM: "You gearheads are gonna be clucking real soon...in fact, your cluckin' right now."
SAM: "Just give us the shit and we'll be fine."

by Christophe Graham September 04, 2006
A person with a significant excitement or fetish in leather clothing and/or accessories. Most commonly applied to a homosexual male. Leather clothing and/or accessories are often referred to as "gear".
Why is he wearing all that leather?? I didn't know he was such a gearhead.
by JovetX June 05, 2009
A person who spends all there time on the xbox 360 playing Gears of war
Your mates a gear head

Me: Stop playing your xbox you gear head

You: No I cant am playing my mates
by Jay Austin September 12, 2007
Someone who is into, collects, or has a fetish for sports gear , sport uniforms, protective gear, etc (scuba gear, SWAT, football uniforms, motorcross gear, hockey pads, lacrosse, soccer, fighter pilot, etc).
Q: "have you ever seen how much sports equipment Jason has in his closet?"
A: "yeah, i know, he is such a gearhead"
by chr|s sedition September 08, 2005
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