"God Damn Independent"; A college student with the right mind to retain their dignity, individuality, and money by turning away the offers of the Greek system.
Yeah, I was pledging a frat, and I quit after being told constantly that I was "not an individual anymore". Plus, it was more work on top of my schoolwork. What a waste of time. Going back to being a GDI was the best decision I ever made.
by Jason G. June 25, 2005

Essentially indicates that there is nothing for which Greek people cannot come up with a particular label.

Fabulous at being apparently unable to handle ambiguity or individuality of any variety, the term GDI is a universal label applied to all college students who choose not to participate in the Greek system.

Whether the apparent obsession with labeling everything belies rampant intellectual laziness (given that it's easier to casually label things with a broad brush than to learn about them as individuals), extreme insecurity expressed in a fear of what is "different" from a certain perspective, or both is an open question.

Either way, the same mentality extends beyond the categorization of the college social structure to brand names (are you a Chanel girl? an Abercrombie man? an Alpha-Delta-Zeta or a Kappa-Gamma-Blamma?), and beyond that to even more insidious forms of labeling, such as racism.

However, it all likely comes down to extreme insecurity being expressed in one particular way; label everything, achieve nothing, derive self-esteem instead from trying to look down upon anyone whom you define as an A instead of an B.
What's your label?


I mean, what Sorority are you in?

None, I'm a human, an individual one even

No you're a GDI
by Alpha-Delta-Delta November 21, 2009
God Damn It. A publicly acceptable way of saying God Damn It without offending anyone. If necessary, you can lie and say the G is for Gosh.
i have to work at 7 in the morning ... GDI
*burnt something you're cooking.. awww GDI!
by purplecheese April 07, 2011
Abbreviation for goddamnit on the internet.
I can't believe she did that. gdi.
by createdtheslang May 15, 2009
A Person who wears colorful clothing that is not a pastel and flat brimmed hats to match
A Person who cannot distinguish between, Frat and GDI
by Collegiate Social Information February 21, 2012
God Damn Individual. Used in the U.S. Army to denote someone who refuses to take orders and does whatever the fuck they want to the chagrin of their unit. Especially used in Basic Combat Training (BCT) where Drill Instructors attempt to turn a shit-ton of diverse recruits from different backgrounds (GDIs) into one cohesive functioning military unit. But there's always the one fucktard who doesn't give a fuck and will do whatever they want and will always be a GDI.
"Yo G, that fucktard doesn't give a fuck. He just made our whole platoon do 200 pushups by being a retarded fuckup. What a GDI. Let's throw him a blanket party tonight."
by 7upp December 30, 2009
A person who doesn't join a frat because they actually have morals. This person has more intelligence and common sense than any person who has ever joined a frat. They don't pay for fake friends but instead develop positive social skills and make real friends. They don't take shortcuts in life by cheating on tests and actually go to college to learn. Frat losers call these people nerds because they are jealous of how smart and individualistic they are. A GDI actually cares about the feelings of others and understands that life revolves around people other than themselves. They make college campuses a better place and give a better name to their school's reputation. If everyone was a GDI in life, the world would be a nearly perfect place.
Frat Douche: " So how does it feel to be a GDI haha? BTW I am laughing because my frat bro leader told me I'd be cool to him if I did this hahaa. I'm so stuck up and cool cause I am in a frat"
GDI: I actually feel like a real person and not some fake insecure frat douche who can't make decisions for himself".
FD: "But youre a GDI. It stands for something bad like um... Sorry I drank 40 beers yesterday, got rushed to the hospital after falling down a flight of stairs and cant remember anything. I even forgot my name. I think my frat bros can help me remember that later though"
GDI: " You sound like a pathetic moron and total tool. GDI stands for "God Damn Intellectual" a term you frat losers say because you lack intelligence and wish you had some"
FD: Ya I'm a total tool and you are right that is what it stands for. I totally forgot, Im so drunk now. Can I barf on you cause I'm cool that way? I wish I had some intelligence!"
GDI: "No but you can go lock yourself in that outhouse all night and dunk your head in the toilet 500 times like your frat bros told you too."
FD:" Ok!That def. sounds cool! And ya i love my frat bros so of course i'll do it! You think I be cool if I did that? Cooler than you cause I cant think for myself?"
GDI: "Yeah you definetely will be..." (smirking with other awesome GDI next to him)
FD quickly runs to outhouse, shuts door.
GDI to Other GDI: "Some people never learn."
Other GDI: True dat! Lets grab some grub and watch the Packers game!
by GB623456789TRX September 06, 2011

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