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Stands for God Damn Independent
Deriving from the latin word "gidiom" meaning stupid lame asshole who can't get girls and isn't allowed in any parties.

Definition: A non-impressive, ordinary person with no sense of style or social skills who was not fortunate enough to recieve a bid from a fraternity because they were not good enough. Instead of contributing to the college community, G.D.I.'s drive around in lifted trucks wearing affliction shirts and sweatpant shorts hating their lives and despising themselves for not being a better person and taking part in Greek Life.
"Fraternities are for gay guys man! I want to rage in my dorm and play World of Warcraft with my friends because im a gdi!"

"Dude people that don't live in frat houses still get girls bro! Trust me I get girls every night!"
by betaluvr November 08, 2011

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