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Someone who discreetly turns on the fence bisexuals, bi-curious, straight men into full fledged gay sex addicts with his super powers. These poor subjects experience such good sex from the Gay Maker that they can not go back to being straight again.
Oh stay away from him, he's a total gay maker.
by Troyster December 18, 2008
An extremely devastating boxing strike which, if it hits, renders your opponent a homosexual
Yo man you don't wanna fuck with me, I'll hit you with my gaymaker, you'll turn into a faggot!
by Wagdar March 28, 2009
A punch delivered by a gay male in a girlish fashion.
I saw a fight between a couple gay guys and they were pulling hair and throwing gaymakers left and right.
by Chadstick January 02, 2008
An extremely ugly woman who when she smiles or preforms any act make most men around her gay for a period of time.mainly until they see some decent skirt
I wudnt go in that pub that "gay maker" might come over and try to convert you!
by king_chunk February 01, 2006
A girl who turns guys gay
Dan:'Hey gorgeous, after meeting Jo-Lily I totally dig you, what's up with that?!'
Jamie:' Ah it's because she's a total gaymaker'
by tish12345 December 15, 2009
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