The most amazing guy you will ever meet. He is super sweet and you will fall in love with him as soon as you set eyes on him He's tall and is really strong. He also is a star football player and is super fast. He has some freckles and has brown-reddish hair and brown eyes. He is so hot and all the girls at school want to date him. He is a great friend too, and is always there for his bros. He loves to be himself and wont take no shit from no one.
Girl- "who is that guy"
Boy- "oh thats gavin"
by mrbean23 March 28, 2013
To be in shock, often pertaining to random situations in which the "Gavin" has totally bugged out.
Look at that Gavin! His eyes are like saucers!
See Gavin? That's his "I've never talked to a girl before" face!
by 2i<6u April 30, 2013
The prime definition of a sweet guy with a horrible choice in girls. A Gavin has the option to have someone that all the guys in town want and will usually be caught standing her up for a girl who doesn't even remotely compare. A Gavin has an amazing humor and doesn't give himself enough credit.
oh my god i can't believe he chose Jess over Kate!! ew what was he thinking, is he blind!? that guy is such a Gavin.
by Emily Blant September 11, 2012
(Verb, noun, basically everything) Being EXTREMELY whipped by your girlfriend.

Side Affects include:
~Not being able to chill with friends
~Being a complete Pussy
~Cock on leash
~Getting pulled around by tie like dog
~Being Barked at
Guy one: Hey I'm Going to go hang out with my new girlfriend
Guy Two: Ok but just don't turn into a Gavin

Guy one: Hey you see that guy over their with his Girlfriend
Guy two: Yeah
Guy one: He is really whipped he must be a Gavin
by Aswan P nawsa October 27, 2010
Dirty, nasty, usually sweaty, and very oily
Gavin Focuses on one thing and does that thing all day long.
by I smart:) September 14, 2014
A gay person who flaunts their sexuality just for attention.
Gavin wannabe's (straight people that pretend to be gavins) are also gavins, in fact are the most gavin of them all.
look at the gavin in the fluro green singlet, 3d glasses with the lens's popped out and the pink tie, ahh fucking gavin
by Sam Sung Monitor June 06, 2011
He's sweet at first, a really nice guy; a charmer. He'll sweet talk you and tell you you're cute. But really he's pretending because he's actually a big pothead and a jerk. After he gets what he wants, whether that be a quick fuck, weed, money, bitches, or anything else really (sometimes even the feeling of a relationship) he WILL cheat on you. He always does.
Why are you staring at me, Gavin?" "You're so cute, I keep getting lost in your eyes." -two weeks later- "What's wrong, Gavin?" "I don't know, I just don't like you anymore... you're a gross hoe I never liked you.
by A gross hoe July 23, 2011
A phrase used for stubborn, ignorant and biased politician or people.
Politician: Iraq was behind 9-11
Diff Politician: Stop being such a Gavin/ Gav
by by a helpful correct person February 17, 2011

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