To make an utterly bitchin' martini.
You totally Gavin'd this drink!! It's bitchin'!
by mrsladybird December 28, 2010
The best boyfriend a girl could ask for.
I love my boyfriend, gavin.
by serenity02 May 14, 2015
A unit of time measuring the amount of time it takes a person to do a drug, experience the high, and return to normal. Varies from person to person and drug to drug.
-With weed my gavin is approxametly 2 hours.
-With acid my gavin is 8 hours, but feels like 3 days
by Comfort eagle April 16, 2014
Gay asshole with greasy long hair that wears camo to try and blend in but failing to do so making it look more like a faggetty tranny
That she/male over there is such a Gavin.
by Not.a.gallagher May 14, 2015
Gavins is any leftovers or anything given at the end of them being done with it....aka the kill.typically used with teenage stoners
Jim: yo let me get gavins of your gatorade yo?
Kevan: nah you ain't gettin shit. I'm killin this.
by Nevy September 05, 2008
is a gay kid that loves dick and has a small dick he try's to act cool but he's actually a loser and he try's to get girls but he cant also he likes this weird girl named mia but is a jerk
gavin is such a slut with a small dick
by The name Gavin is a fuck boy W April 24, 2015
A sweet guy who is a good friend and is always kind. He never will text you back and he will never remember your anniversaries. He will dump you because of peer presure and not talk to you for seven weeks. He will say he misses you and wants to talk to you and wants you in his life but he never texts back or calls. He never says goodnight and he never sends "Good Morning Beautiful" texts messages like a gentleman should. He is a good friend but a horrible boyfriend. You will try to hint it to him but he is always busy and won't talk to you for days. He will say he cares but you will cry because you know he doesn't. But some how you will always find yourself falling for him.
Person 1: Hey why havn't you been to school for a few days?

Person 2: I'm just so confused and emotionaly unstable because I don't know how Gavin really feels. He says one thing and does another!
by Suspicious Stalker November 11, 2014

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