Mexican with a tiny dick
Erick: Hey I gave Gavin a blow job.
Connor: You mean the Mexican with the tiny dick?
by Jack Mihoff 5201 December 03, 2013
He's sweet at first, a really nice guy; a charmer. He'll sweet talk you and tell you you're cute. But really he's pretending because he's actually a big pothead and a jerk. After he gets what he wants, whether that be a quick fuck, weed, money, bitches, or anything else really (sometimes even the feeling of a relationship) he WILL cheat on you. He always does.
Why are you staring at me, Gavin?" "You're so cute, I keep getting lost in your eyes." -two weeks later- "What's wrong, Gavin?" "I don't know, I just don't like you anymore... you're a gross hoe I never liked you.
by A gross hoe July 23, 2011
The cutest boy in the universe. Has a jewfro that makes him even cuter. If you don't know him, it sucks to be you. Also named after the GTO.
"You know that Gavin kid? He's irresistable!"
by -[anon]- October 08, 2008
A gay person who flaunts their sexuality just for attention.
Gavin wannabe's (straight people that pretend to be gavins) are also gavins, in fact are the most gavin of them all.
look at the gavin in the fluro green singlet, 3d glasses with the lens's popped out and the pink tie, ahh fucking gavin
by Sam Sung Monitor June 06, 2011
A phrase used for stubborn, ignorant and biased politician or people.
Politician: Iraq was behind 9-11
Diff Politician: Stop being such a Gavin/ Gav
by by a helpful correct person February 17, 2011
the definition a fat bastard and a little willy :P and sucks mongolian trouser snake
jabba de doyle gavin has a chode moby little dick
by jabba de doyle June 18, 2011
A cheeky bastard son of a bitch from Washington. Nobody loves him and he is adopted but doesnt know it. He will be a virgin until he dies. Fuck gavin.
Gavin sucks.
by ihategavin April 01, 2011

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