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Something fucked up.
"Man, his wife left him for his brother. That is gatch!"

"He got in a fight, now his face is messed up gatch!"
by Me Ahna July 06, 2005
"gatch" is Irish slang for "way of walking".

it can also be used to denote the actual act of walking
{way of walking}
dave - " check out the gatch on that guy "
kevin - " what a dope "
John was gatching his way down the road
John gatched to the shop
" c'mon bitch, lets gatch to the party "
by Emperor Bubba April 19, 2005
crazy, ridiculous, unbelievable

see also whack
"You got fired for no reason?, Dude thats gatch!"
by miket December 09, 2002
Feminine version of the word "gooch". The skin between the vagina and anal opening.
She's a bitch. I'm gonna kick her in the gatch.
by Shakey Shakerton June 20, 2009
Small triangular opening in crotch area of females while standing straight legged.
Damn, that's a nice ass. Ya, and check out the gatch!
by Snoop March 10, 2003
To show off or brag; a person who does such things.
"Quit gatching, ass hole!"
"Brad is such a gatch, always trying to act cool in front of Janet."
by Anonymous January 09, 2003
Another word for stealing something. To gatch is to steal, a gatch is someone who steals a lot, like a robber.
1. "Blud I dare you gatch that mandem's bag"
2. "Allow that mandem, he's a gatch"
by Mattaldinho December 06, 2008