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The man, the shit, top dogg, pimp, player.
Damn Jeff is Snoop!
by Snoop March 10, 2003
Sweet ass ride, only driven by real hot studs who know how to treat bitches right. Beeeeatch!!!
Damn dude, did you see that fly silver Xterra and the dirty ho in the front seat?
by Snoop July 29, 2003
A 26oz bottle of alcohol
Yo dogg lets go grab a twixer of CC
by Snoop July 20, 2002
hizzle is used by snoop dogg it means house
sup dizzle, lets chizzle in the hizzle fo'shizzle
by snoop September 09, 2003
refers to television, as spoken by snoop dogg
everyone should watch snoop's new show, Doggy Fizzle Telefizzle
by snoop September 06, 2003
see twat or snatch
I am gonna get me some CODIGRAS!
by Snoop April 20, 2003
Small triangular opening in crotch area of females while standing straight legged.
Damn, that's a nice ass. Ya, and check out the gatch!
by Snoop March 10, 2003

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