Another word for stealing something. To gatch is to steal, a gatch is someone who steals a lot, like a robber.
1. "Blud I dare you gatch that mandem's bag"
2. "Allow that mandem, he's a gatch"
#steal #rob #robber #theft #jack
by Mattaldinho December 06, 2008
a laptop case with a built-in hood
"Man, that Gatch is the ginchiest laptop case I have ever seen. I dig it the most, daddio!
by Maynard G. Krebs August 22, 2003
Women's undergarments that need to be cleaned.
What's that smell?? Is that gatch or gitch?
by Hammy Santana February 26, 2003
asking for something from someone.
Give us a gatch off that magazine
by Patrick Burke June 10, 2005
my childhood word for putting two things together
i gatched the poster to the wall
by candy March 26, 2004
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