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mens or womens underwear.

see also gotchie
pull your pants up wigger, I can see your gitch.
by Paul J Parkinson March 25, 2005
My gitch are riding up my ass
#underwear #boxers #thongs #undergarment #tittie whities
by mother fucker12345 April 19, 2009
Hockey players call all of their underwear Gitch. No matter if its an under shirt, compression pants, shorts, basically everything related to on and off ice training.
Yo Johny did you wash my Gitch.

I need to get some (Gitch) cause my underarmour is ripping apart.
#gitch #gitching #gitch id #wheelz #underwear #bio-core
by Wheelz101 March 10, 2011
The plural of gitch

Or just to make it ryhme with itches
Look at that big pile! Who is going to wash all those gitches?

Who has got itches in their gitches?
by Tumble March 27, 2004
Gay + Bitch = Gitch
Gary: Hey Jerry, What did you think of Jakes' new boyfriend?

Jerry: I think Jakes' new boyfriend is a grumpy, rude, GITCH!
#bitch #gay #gitch #rude #grumpy
by Th1ng Kh1ng Dav1d September 10, 2014
Gay-Bitch (Gitch)
A person/persons who are not only Homosexual, but quite often portray traces of extreme and utter 'bitchiness'
That gitch is totally crazy!
#crazy bitch #queen #gay bitch #wacked #gitchy
by Dramaking86 August 26, 2012
Gicth is a guy bitch used instead of the female word bitch.

Can also be used garbitch, gaybitch (if person is gay) and g-bitch
-He is such a BITCH!
- No he's a dude... he's a GITCH!
#bitch #gitch #garbitch #g-bitch #gaybitch
by tlove April 17, 2014
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