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gay asian male
by 686 August 05, 2003
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an asain that is gay
hey look at Ping over there with his little purse he is such a gasian.
by winonalakereid September 06, 2007
A Gay Asian.
"Hey look at that gay asian!"
"He's a Gasian!"
by JohnSmith09 December 01, 2009
A gay Asian
Look at brad, that little gasian boy.
by The 1R1SH December 07, 2013
A group of gay asian men
The gasians make great geishas in drag
by hotmess27 August 25, 2009
A homosexual Asian.
Person 1-- Whoa. Look at those Asians. They're gay.
Person 2-- So? That's fine.
Person 1-- I agree, but, they're, like, Gasians.
by ButterflySandwich January 19, 2011
A Gangster or Gangsta that is Asian.
Usually involved in some kind of awesome- ness. Gasians are unable to be called "noob" or "n00b" because When Jesus Christ was born the Three Kings were Gasians.
"Man that guy is so gasian..."

"I wish I was gasian."

"WTF that Mother F***ing gasian just owned me! .... Hes awesome."
by Intensitee October 28, 2011

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