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The headache that heavy metal fans recieve after a headbang
Dude 1: "Isn't being a metal fan awesome?"
Dude 2: "Except for the headbang hangovers, yeah."
by fishboyultra December 12, 2008
A person with a signature jesture or item used in sex.

(Can include anything - but the person is always called a thinghumper)

A thinghump is the name of the item or gesture.
Dude 1: "My uncle is a thinghumper. He drinks Coors Light doing my aunt."
Dude 2: "My dad does the D-Generation X crotch chop as his thinghump"
by fishboyultra December 12, 2008
The term a person refers to when they check their email with an insane amount of new emails in their inbox.
"I logged on to Yahoo today to find myself a fatbox. It took me 2 hours to get rid of all that crap."
by fishboyultra May 23, 2008
the form 4 people make when doing it:

2 people on top kissing
2 people on bottom licking whatever is between the legs of of the 2 on top
"the losing team (volleyball) has to be the bottom part of the potato pussy"
by fishboyultra June 09, 2008
An impossible-to-win-game (a.k.a. VVVEEERRRYYY HHHAAARRRDDD GGGAAAMMMEEE) that consists of dozens of rules.


Basic Rules:
1. If you think about The Game, you play The Game
2. If you think about The Game, you lose The Game (LOL, you lost... SHIT!)
3. If you lose the game, you don't lose again until you have forgotten and then remembered again.
Dude 1: "When life give you lemons, you just lost The Game."

(Rule #38 at website above: You cannot have a winning streak)
by fishboyultra December 12, 2008
The person who should kill Edge.
Undertaker lost One Night Stand and is fired from the WWE
by fishboyultra June 09, 2008
1: a website used for uploading and viewing videos
2: Slang- a video (no matter what genre) that is on the Youtube website
3: an object located on a male used for sticking in a female's @%#*!^)
1: Have you seen the Youtube video Fred Gets Bullied?
2: Have you seen that youtube Fred Gets Bullied?
3: I need to practice with that youtube
by fishboyultra May 23, 2008

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