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1.)dirived from the german word radshiffklin meaning to bite or chew. the meaning of the word however means to bite the 2 peaces of the "Vigina" togather

2.) Gang based in Upstate New York around the Binghamton area
Mike gave his grandma a radcliff.

...Or if you speak Ghetto
Damn that bitch is so fly ill give her a radcliff
by crystal purple October 27, 2004
A gang based in upstate New York, rival to Fuse.
Fuse's leader got taken down last night by a Radcliff.
by Green October 26, 2004
Gang who's meeting place is next to a dollar store. They are also expanding to a ski resort. Memebers are now in the double digits.
You just got Radcliffed, chump! Chewing gum is their favorite hobby, along with black nail polish.
by Red Chain January 31, 2006
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