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A term originating from Lemay, Missouri that refers to the act of using one's tongue on a man's penis, testicles, or most commonly the anus. It strictly refers to performing the act on a man's body, not female. Often spoken in a campy manner regardless of the speaker's sexual orientation. Believed to have been in use since the early 80's.
As a noun: "I gave Brandon a nice long garrick for his birthday!"

As a verb: "Come here and garrick my asshole!"
by Lemay Authority December 06, 2012
A South African word for a joint filter.

A thin strip of paper, usually cut from a magazine cover, that is tightly rolled up and used in a joint as a filter.
Where's my magazine? I need to make a garrick.
by jimboparks August 30, 2012
Garrick is an Old English name that means "one who governs with a spear" or "spear king". It is common as a masculine given name and as a surname.
Garrick, Coolest guy ever!
by HermitsUnited December 05, 2008
A sweet person that no one notices because they can't see how sweet he is. He is extremely cute(:
You are such a Garrick(:
by MikaylaKay August 10, 2009
An extremely sweet and understanding guy that will never let you down. He loves to cuddle, very romantic and spontaneous, and loyal. Soft on the eyes and a nice, sexy body. The whole package. He puts up a façade of being a tough guy, but on the inside, he's a real softie.
Girl 1: "Hey, did you see the new guy? He looks like a total bad ass."
Girl 2: "Yeah, he's a Garrick."
Girl 1: "I bet he's a softie on the inside!"
by attitude adjustment May 29, 2011
Garrick is gross. And he's not really the best father to his cat. But he is one of the funniest people I know. He's also an asshole, but I mean this in the sweetest way possible!
"He's a Garrick!"
by Anonymous145 November 28, 2012