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A Garrick is slang for a newage gamer, one that would know no systems prior to the sexbox 360. One who's obnoxious on a level unknown to the 20th century, because, let’s face it, a Garrick is a newfag to life, unaware of the traditions and joy found in the 1980’s and 1990’s.
Person: "Hey bro, check out this badass 8-bit game..."
A Garrick: "What the fuck is Ninja Gaiden? These graphics suck! No one ever plays that shit, find some real game you fag."

Person: "PS2 is a pretty good console all things considered."
A Garrick: "FUCK THAT! PS2 has the shittiest graphics I've ever seen! I'm going to go play my Xbox 360 because I'm not a newfag gamer like you."

"Look at that Garrick, he thinks he knows everything about life but he is truly lacking in culture and taste!"
by tu and sn October 02, 2011
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