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The act of puking and shitting at the same time. Derived from the position one must assume in order to accurately land all excrement into a single toilet.
The combination of Montezuma tequila shots and late night taco bell left me gargoyling into the early morning.
by M Jonesy February 03, 2010
50 18
The act of squatting on the top of a keg and drinking from the tap.
She was gargoyling on the keg.
by luvniswutigot October 24, 2009
78 54
it's when you go to the toilet in some ramdom bathroom and you need to drop a deuce but the toilet is so gross that you perch yourself on it while your taking a dump.
that bathroom was so nasty I had to perch myself to take a shit, total gargoyling.
by neofloyd March 16, 2009
42 20
The act of painting one's body silver, then at night turning on a light and commencing to jerk in front of a window. When people pass by they will see the image of a gargoyle.
When Justine walked by my window, she glanced over to see me gargoyling
by The Gargoyler March 19, 2009
34 24

It's like "owling" only your NAKED !

you should flair your nostrals and show teeth

(cover your junk the best you can)
i am Gargoyling the side of my tub and posting it on facebook
by eyeballguy July 28, 2011
3 6
(v): The act of peering down into a large group of people gathered in a large social setting (typically a bar or party) with the intent of flirting (or picking up) people in the group. Usually used as a negative connotation.
The girls were eager to leave the bar when they noticed the group of young men gargoyling them from the 2nd level.
by vadnp August 30, 2009
4 7
1. The act of stalking, loitering, or bothering others simply by being present.

2. Giving the stink eye.

3. Being really really ugly.
"That creepy dude has been gargoyling in the corner all night."

"Shit man, she was hot last night but when we woke up this morning she was totally gargoylin'"
by Sydnah August 11, 2008
11 14