to steal your buddies chick. cock-blocking
oh shit, he just garbooned your girl.
why'd you let him garboon you like that?
dont be such a garbooner.
stop garbooning my girl man.
#garboon #garbooning #garbooned #garbooner #cock-blocking
by Cullen Herrera November 23, 2010
trash can; dust-bin
After shoveling out a spot for their car, the inhabitants of Brighton, Mass., leave a garboon in it and it is understood that nobody else is supposed to move it and park there.

OMG it's trash day -- did you remember to put out the garboons?
#ashcan #trash can #dustbin #garbage can #dumpster
by Hippoclid November 27, 2009
A wealthy Tycoon who made his fortune in garbage collection.
Perpendicular Telly enjoyed sailing his yacht through the Greek isles. Life as a garboon couldn't get any better.
#garboonism #garboonist #garboon #garbotchulated #garboonite
by Brian Lacker August 11, 2006
To plunge a victim's head into a toilet, preferably while flushing.
"I knew I should've garbooned Lee Ann when I had the chance!"
by Francis Buchwalder November 11, 2003
small particles of feces caught in anal hair dingleball

This was devised by a friend in college.
ow! I got some nasty garboons today.
by TheKid February 03, 2005
A mob hitman or bodyguard
Vinnie sent his two garboons to rough up Ralphie for not paying his debt on time
by Hot Stuff January 27, 2004
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