When you see someone hitting on a person and it falls through so that person continues to hit on someone else until they succeed. It can also be a person that is a last resort.
Where is Mary? Oh, she went home with the garbage man!
I hope Mary does not turn out to be that guys garbage man.
by dngniko June 17, 2010
A garbageman is a man with a massive package, and he flaunts it, by wearing tight shorts, undies, kilts, etc.
He WILL place his 'junk' on you, if he feels aroused and/or threatened. Typically used in homosexual/incestual type situations
Grossman showed his garbageman-osity when he hiked up his shorts at his family reunion.
by Partyboy November 12, 2004
A sex move during which a man penetrates a woman who is in the process of vomiting. Ideally, pelvic thrusts will coincide with gastric contractions.
"Dude, Last night Mason totally got that girl wasted and garbage manned her when she ralphed."
by iceman86 September 05, 2007
whenever you finish with your lady and you throw her over your shoulder by the ankle, grab her wrist on the other side (with your free hand) and flex your back in order to break her spinal cord. often followed up by the garbage disposal
Guy #1: hey dude, how was your date last night??

Guy #2: fantastic! i finished ehr off with the garbage man!

Guy #1: didnt you just dead cripple jenny two days ago?

Guy #2: yeah! great week!!
by Jay Cadwallader August 04, 2008
Garbage man aka GARBO
also see camira cus its pretty much a garbage truck
Geoff: 'my dads a doctor, what dose your dad do as a job matt?'
Matt: 'my dad's a garbo'
by Raunus July 29, 2004
One who waits for others to fight, then kills the victor.
red and blue guy: *fighting*
blue guy: *kills red guy*
green guy: *kills blue guy*
blue guy: oh you garbage man
by 1337d|_|d3 January 27, 2006
When a man is giving a rimjob to his partner, and eats the shit out of their asshole

Thus being a garbage man, getting rid of waste. In this case bodily waste.
I was hungry last night and I didn't wanna make food, so I decided to be a garbage man for the night.
by Forlorner November 01, 2006

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