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While giving anal sex to a girl in doggy style position, you kick out her arms (don't break them) so she falls on her face, she'd then put her arms around her face and you'd push around the room like a snowplow.
While giving it to her in the ass, I took out her arms and gave her a snowplow!
by Forlorner October 17, 2006
Taking the head of the penis and pressing it against a part of your partners body. Preferably if there is cum or another substance on it.
After I pulled out, I totally gave her a Shroom Kiss
by Forlorner October 17, 2006
The Bucking Bronco is an sex position in which the man mounts the girl from the back, and cups her boobs firmly in his hands and quietly whispers into her ear. "These are almost as nice as your sister's!" The girl will then proceed to buck up and down like a wild bronco. You then time how long you can stay in for.
I decided to try the Bucking Bronco last night on my girlfriend, and she threw me off like a monkey throwing shit!
by Forlorner November 01, 2006
The act of fucking a girl's vag with a taser.
She wanted to get kinky so I gave her an Electric Pussy.
by Forlorner November 01, 2006
While recieving a deep throat blowjob, if you cum in the back of the giver's mouth, the cum will exit from the nose. Resulting in what looks like a bloody nose. (if blood was white)
She was deep throating me, and I gave her a bloody nose.
by Forlorner October 17, 2006
When a man is giving a rimjob to his partner, and eats the shit out of their asshole

Thus being a garbage man, getting rid of waste. In this case bodily waste.
I was hungry last night and I didn't wanna make food, so I decided to be a garbage man for the night.
by Forlorner November 01, 2006
When a girl plays with your balls. Tossing them around like a salad
I was tired of handjobs, so I asked her to toss my salad.
by Forlorner November 01, 2006
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