1. Noun
Gar--a fish
hell gars--fish from hell, enjoy eating legs
undead hell gars--see above, but undead
undead subterranean hell gars--see above, but come at you from underground unexpectantly.

2. Adjective
Used to describe something otherwise indescribably bad, gay, horrible, or inept.
1. "NSYNC should be stranded on a deserted island populated by undead-subterranean-hell-gars."

2. Pacifists are gar. Anti-war protesters should be castrated.
by Rypsaw April 30, 2003
gar marchey: meaning somene is looking 4 your ass.
by Manisha November 09, 2003
gar is a word that describes a child rapist....This "thing" likes wang and pah...aka something that rapes TC' qualify to be a "gar", one must
-suck wang
-eat pah
-rape TC's
-say "hey boy tickle tickle"
-be over 65 years old or so
Gar sucks TC's wang..."hey boy tickle tickle tickle tickle" pah
by bill peterman March 16, 2007
A lecherous exclamation resulting from the combination of "Gah!" and "Arg!", but implying more lust and soulful feeling in general. syn; damn, dang, skeow.
Gar, look at Mary. *pelvic thrust*

by Tcane November 26, 2005
gar: the sound a pirate makes. can be used as a question, an interjection, or statement.
by Rey March 03, 2005
Gar is a word that is fun and easy to say when one is frustrated. Contrary to Grr, it actually has a vowel, and sounds rather piraty. Also, it has the advantage of not making you sound like a wild animal when you say it. You simply sound stark raving mad. Which is probably true.
Gar! I forgot my math homework!
Created when one mis-typed "arg"
An exclamation of anguish
Gar! Why won't this gizmo work?
by The Commy Monkey March 29, 2004

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