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Adaptation of word "herb" meaning marijuana.
"Nah... Louise don't smoke no rock. She sho' roast some cherb, though."
by Dreadscott October 31, 2006
the combination of the words, herb and cheeba, refering to pot, only describes the highest quality of marijuana, should be used very rarely
Damn this is some good cherb.
I am now holding the last bag of cherb, leftover from his best batch.
by walruslover206 January 17, 2009
Super Cutie an a lil shuga!
Yo dang C-Herb you got's it goin ON!
by Ebonzai December 07, 2010
A west country way of saying "cheers" or "thankyou" originated from Pond Farm
"Hey gus hand me them tatties"
"here you go wasp"
"Cherbs gus"
by Josh akers May 13, 2007
A small crooked penis.
Brady Pugliese has a cherb.
by JEMN PROK July 25, 2011
A New Zealander usually of Maori decent. Derived from the popular New Zealand saying "cheers bro"
"that cherb can sure play rugby"
"seems they only hire cherbs as security in this joint"
"that fucking cherb guy kicked my ass real good"
"i went to cherb party and sung and played the guitar with them"
by P. Rickshaw September 25, 2007

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