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a hot pimp that gives me an orgasm every time i see his hot abs!! OHHH!
Yuriy has beautiful green eyes and is my boy friend forever
by Rosa May 13, 2003
A good-looking person, especially a young male.
Woah, isn't he a spunkrat?
by Rosa December 25, 2003
An agreement - 'True, that'. A modern day amen, if you like.
"That girl there is arousing"
by rosa May 02, 2003
Short for malco-ordinated. Similar to retard or spastic or any other word which mocks 'special' people (otherwise know as society drainers). Extremely politically correct. Often follows 'dirty' or 'fucking'
"I like Kevin"
"KEVIN? He's a dirty malco!"
by rosa May 02, 2003
Size of you-know-what.
When something is right-on or just as you want it

My god, it was nearly 8" (ie it was nearly perfect)
by Rosa January 24, 2005
It's like marvellous, it's like Marvin Gaye - it's Marvy Gaye. Basically means same as cool, cool beans, grand, sweet, spiffy.
Friend A "Come to my house.. we've got pancakes a-plenty"

Friend B "Sounds Marvy Gaye, I'll be round in a jiffy"
by Rosa January 18, 2005
One who spends far too much time on the urban75 website.
"no wonder you can't get a girlfriend, you're such an urbanite"
by rosa June 11, 2003

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