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when a woman has an orgasm with female ejaculate. Also used when pushing spunk out of pussy or ass.
the gaping woman squirted all the cum aut of her ass into the face of an icebear. Icebears dont like that. Dolphins however, like it. A lot.
by kukel June 13, 2003
A 'man' that is 100% gay. Not a lil' bit gay - no a HUGE gay. Its only too obvious, even tho not necessarily by acting female and stuff.
that fagola thinks that women are trees.

The fagola took a triple emena before he inserted both hands and legs in his ass.

why dont all fagolas just become women and... hmm bad idea never mind.
by kukel June 13, 2003
a japanese car that americans hate because its not an american car. And evenmore annoying: its kinda fast!
Look that looser in that ford of 300 bugs says the rx8 is for gays because he cant afford it.
by kukel June 11, 2003
shit, snoopslyle talk see also daimn its also used in the uk. Ever since the movie 'trainspotting', many peeps said 'shait' suddenly. The movie began with: "life is nothing but shait". which is sweet.
dont gimme that shait dimwit!
by kukel June 13, 2003
when a woman shows her relaxed ass to you. Its a nasty thing only kinky women will do. Dont even try asking your lady. we didnt speek for weeks.

when gays do gaping its called homoholing yeggg..
can you do gaping with your pussy also?

icebears dont like gaping, dolphins like it tho

After me spunking the munchie she did some gaping and when she was done with that, she did some squirting and finnaly gave som good ol' blumpkin
by kukel June 13, 2003
person who thinks by having a mac makes him a beter person, and work more effective. The funny thing is most apple dweebs didnt even own a ibm so they dont really know the dif. They just think its better, because they have it.
That apple dweeb doesnt understand ibm's. Ibm users understand apple tho.
by kukel June 08, 2003
the act of sniffing assgas out a someones brown star with ya nose.
I never inhaled while doin fartsniffing except for if its a good one which smelles nice
by kukel June 05, 2003

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