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Wanting something very badly.
That burds pure gantin oan ma boaby
by sven1 November 15, 2007
Scottish term for desiring sex (being horny).
'A wis gantin fur it'

*it being sex
by GenuineMaenad April 03, 2011
scottish word commonly used to describe one who smells, or a person who is cosmetically challenged ( ugly ) also said to describe the genitailia of a female
"here who shat thats fuckin gantin!!"
"AHH look it hur face shes Gantin!!"
"mate fuck shaggin hur, Hur Fannys Gantin!!!"
by Martin Reilly April 14, 2009
someone is so off putting and disgusting that they are not worth thinking about.
"Haw,mel,look,she's Gantin!"
"hahah...don't use that word or i'll eat your babies...!"
by IssaWuvsRhii January 11, 2010
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