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To be beaten about the face and neck from dock workers.Or to be raped by dock workers and beaten after.
Harvey went to the hospital after being gangplanked by the angry mob in the warehouse.
by guywargamer May 23, 2005
Steaming. Mullered. Trashed. Moosed. Inebriated. Goosed. Liquoriced. Pissed as a pirate on pillage day.
"Wrfism sbhe shhhrlorrr"

"Dude you sound gangplanked!"
by Tongueless Ghost of Sin August 27, 2009
To be beaten up severely about the face and neck by angry dockworkers or warehouse men. Et. Al. to be raped and then beaten by dock/warehouse workers.
Harvey got gangplanked by the hooligans in the warehouse when he dropped a box.
by guywargamer May 25, 2005
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