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Mayte is an awesome girly that makes you feel special inside and out. She is an amazing friend, as well as a hottie! ROAR. Not many people can pronounce her name, but the ones that can rock! She could be found in Miami, though she is not a Miami girl. Everyone wishes they were as cool as Mayte, but they know they will never live up to it.
DUDE 1: Did you see Mayte today? She looked HOT!
DUDE 2: Yeah! Too bad her boyfriends a Marine. You could be shanked.
by hehe haha August 22, 2009
a mayte is like a best friends, a bro to you. australian slang, usually used in victoria and north queensland
lukeyg: hey mayte you tab that bitch last night?
mitchyb: yeh mayte she was mint!
by lukeyg October 27, 2007