Slang term used for marijuana. A cooler and chiller way to say marijuana.
Yo man you want some of this gandhi?

You know it bro.
by BB Buffalo August 29, 2013
A slang term, usually plural "Gandhis," for money.

Usually it is used when referring to spending money or having a lot of money.

It comes from the fact that Mahatma Gandhi is on about every piece of monetary unit in India. If you ever visit India, you will be spending various bills and coins with this man emblazoned on them.
1. "Man, this new store is HOT! I am definitely going to be droppin' some Gandhis!"

2. "Woo hoo! I just got PAID! I'm rolling in the Gandhis now!"
by CadeRageous February 28, 2010
The legendary Indian God of Salt. Once a man, was converted to a god when he lead the people of India on a great journey dubbed the Salt March, to save them from the tyranny of the British. Rival to his brother, Jihad, the Indian God of Pepper. These two gods are the reasons Indian food is amongst the spiciest in the world.
"Dear Gandhi, great god of salt, make great our food as we make great the gift of freedom you have given us." -Prayer before every Indian meal.
by Indian Religion Expert January 11, 2011
According to fact and General Patton "A big baby who wears a diaper and is afraid of violence."
When Jimmy wouldn't stand in front of a train, we said he Gandhi'd out.
by no, lol tht wsnt fnny September 21, 2010
to be fucked up. wasted. high
- "why are you stubblin everywhere?"

"cuz im fuckin gandhi homie!"
by Double AYE July 15, 2010
(n) a peaceful state of mind; a method of maintaining peace in light of being provoked
I'm trying to maintain my gandhi even though I hate him.
by ReCaaLL March 14, 2007
The lack of oxygen to the brain commonly spoken when referring to drugs.
Dude last night I was so Gandhi I could have sworn I saw a huge ass panda ripping apart spinach in the toilet. When I woke up and my Gandhi was gone I realized that it was my pussy on the floor.
by Ethano May 23, 2008

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